Inadequate electricity, once thought to be just a problem in rural areas, is now appearing in urban industrial and commercial zones with greater frequency, leaving many customers unable to simultaneously work and cool their location.

Causes for inadequate electricity include:

  • Old or aged power lines, above or below ground
  • Distance to, or strength of, nearest substation
  • Quality of electricity delivered, insufficient voltage, amps or KW; Phase incompatibility, i.e. single phase only Consistency of electrical delivery. Frequent or prolonged blackouts, brown outs
  • Remote, undeveloped, or underdeveloped locations; off or weak electrical grid, including country, island, or area with large swings in zoning or occupancy

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Until now the fix for inadequate electricity has been quite costly. Utility companies can charge millions to upgrade cables and sub-stations, while some customers purchase expensive-to-maintain generators. Most customers with inadequate electricity simply opt to do without air conditioning entirely. Many architects and mechanical engineers have lists of jobs where an AC was planned, but never installed due to inadequate electricity.

The Sierra Gas Heat Pump delivers heating and cooling to residential, commercial and industrial buildings with just a fraction of the electricity required by a conventional electric-powered heat pumps. Powered by either Propane or Natural Gas, the Sierra Gas Heat Pump uses a combustion engine to mechanically turn the compressors. Many mechanical engineers and architects are now revisiting customers who had desired AC but were unable to install it due to inadequate electricity

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