Customers nationwide are switching to natural gas cooling. Here are some of the benefits customers are seeing over traditional air conditioning units that are tied to the electrical grid. Operating the Sierra Gas Heat pump offers increased:

  • Affordability
    In locations where the cost of electric is more than 3 times that of gas, like New York City, many customers will see a payback within 5 years from switching to natural gas cooling. Click here to learn more.
  • Availability
    In locations both served by electricity and natural gas, many customers have been prevented from installing traditional air conditioners due to inadequate power supply or poor power quality. In many cases, the electric utility either will charge too much to bring additional power to the building or be unable to increase power delivery due to antiquated infrastructure. Click here to discover why customers are switching to gas cooling due to power issues... Click here to learn more.
  • Reliability
    Natural and man-made disasters can lead to prolonged electrical power outages. However, the natural gas grid has demonstrated greater reliability compared to the electric grid when measuring down time. Customers are switching to gas cooling to ensure that when the lights go out, their air conditioners stay on – Learn more .
  • Sustainability
    Cutting out the highly inefficient electric power generation system and transmission lines increases the sustainability of the climate control experience by reducing water consumption and overall carbon footprint. The Sierra Gas Heat Pump has helped energy efficient buildings achieve LEED and other leading environmental certifications.

The Sierra Gas heat pump uses a Natural Gas powered “car-like”, internal combustion engine to turn the air conditioner's mechanical parts. These units have been on the market in the United States since 2005, and many of our customers realize savings of over 80% of their air conditioning costs by switching to gas cooling. Savings will vary by location, demand, and utility costs.

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