Architects and mechanical contractors have labored for years with the “Large Custom Home Cooling Dilemma”. A homeowner can either cool these mini-mansions with:

A large number of small, residential air conditioners which are highly inefficient and can result in architectural alterations


A small number of commercial air conditioners that have power requirements outside of what is typically available in residential neighborhoods.

The Sierra Gas Heat Pump (GHP) breaks the “Large Custom Home Cooling Dilemma”, by cooling mansions using less electricity than a hair dryer. Unlike traditional, all-electric air conditioners, the Sierra GHP uses a natural-gas or propane powered “car like” engine to turn the compressors, replacing most of the condensing unit’s grid-provided electricity.

Supporting VRF, hot and chilled water hydronics, or hot and cold forced air, the Sierra GHP can easily be integrated with any home’s mechanical plans,. It can be placed in attics, garages, cellars or up to 450 feet away from the home.

The Sierra resiliency bundle ensures that when the lights go off due to a storm or power outage, the climate control keeps running. The resiliency bundle automatically detects when the electricity has gone off and immediately rolls over to either propane or natural gas operation of the climate control system.

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